Monday, 14 March 2016

Top 5 Canadian Financial Websites to add to your favourites

There are a slew of financial websites on the internet.  Some big, some small, some backed by big names and some with better content than others.  Some with more up-to-date  information than others.  Some with dedicated columnists and others with valued opinions.  All assist you, the investor in making sound financial decisions with timely information and thought provoking articles.

Here are the top 5 Canadian financial websites with commentary:


Is a U.S. based website that concentrates on the U.S. markets and the other major indexes including Asian and European markets.  Commodities are up to the minute even when the North American Markets are closed as Asian and European markets all trade the price of a barrel of Crude, so this site is great for keeping tabs on the price of Crude.  Also includes the PRE MARKET index which shows what the markets will before the opening bell at 9:30 am for U.S. indexes.  Strange that the Canadian TSX is not mentioned on this site at all.  Write ups and articles are very well written and thought provoking.  Popular columnist is Mad Money Jim Cramer.

CNBC visit site


Started out as a financial newspaper and has expanded to be a leading Canadian financial news website.  Since it is still a newspaper, there are other sections on the website like Sports, Lifestyle, and condo news.  But my favourite sections are business and Investing.  The investing section has a sub section called Investor Tools which is great.  When announcements occur in the Canadian markets like mergers or dividend hike announcements, here is where you will hear it before most other sites.  Columnists include Rob Carrick and John Heinzl.  The only drawback is your IP address only allows you 10 free views a month on this site, unlimited viewing is like $1 a month.  Tickers are delayed 15 mins and only start when the markets start.

GLOBE and MAIL visit site


Basically he business section of the NATIONAL POST.  Well thought out articles and topics that relate to the investor, no matter style of investor they are.  They have sub sections called Investing and Personal Finance which are well organized and provide valuable insight into topics that Canadians can relate to.



An international site with divisions in each country.  You want to choose FOOL Canada.  Great articles, when you finish reading an article, you feel that arguments for the buying or selling of a certain stock are valid.  Focuses primarily on the investor looking to buy stocks in a company but needs more information to justify the purchase.  So a lot of stock picking articles.  They do it well with their titles of their articles.  They have a ticker but it is not as good as BNN or CNBC.

motley fool visit site


The Canadian version of CNBC.  The BNN channel on television is very well laid out.  They have tickers on the indexes and stock tickers.  Business news in flashing on the channel also.  Very creditable with well know analysts, portfolio managers, and CEO's of companies appearing as guest speakers.  Larry Berman is a popular guest speaker.  Website shows everything that is on television.  Certain analysts have moved stock prices with their comments before on this site.  With that being said, something must be good here if someone on the show can move a stock price with their words.

BNN visit site

Did I miss any sites?  Please let me know.


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